Cannabis therapeutics


Under the current regulatory regime, a product can not be marketed as a medicine until the FDA approves it as effective and safe for a specific condition. But FDA approval does not guarantee its safety or effectiveness. Large pharmaceutical companies, like tobacco companies, routinely falsify studies by hiding clinical Sera Labs CBD Oil about adverse effects and negative results. And very often, the FDA handles corporate criminals with silk gloves.

Limited by the dogma of isolated molecules and allergic to plant compounds that can not be patented, large pharmaceutical companies are just behind the curve with respect to cannabis therapeutics. For all its billions, the big pharmaceuticals have not done much for children with intractable epilepsy.

Little Charlotte Figi in Colorado, presented on CNN, was not helped by the big pharma. It was the oil of a resinous Cannabis plant rich in Sera Labs CBD Oil that stopped the chronic seizures and saved his life. Charlotte’s Web, the CBD-rich strain that works wonders for kids with Dravet syndrome, is not an FDA-approved drug.

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